$ im lucas hiiii :-)
$ 18
$ he/him
$ made it to the top 10 most epic trans guys of 2017
$ bisexy
$ tme
$ ancom
$ argentinian
$ white/indigenous. white passing
$ neurodivergent (allegedly)
$ abled


$ enfp
$ aries☼ scorpio☾ pisces↑
$ sanguine
$ chaotic good/neutral
$ 2w1
$ "thoroughly evil and utterly vile"
$ i was born the day the movie holes came out, thats why im so sexy and cool

DNI if you

$ basic dni
$ are both cis AND white, lol pick a struggle
$ are 16-/24+ unless i follow first <3
$ support pansexuality. read this
$ think pronouns=gender
$ are truscum/terf/swerf
$ are pro-ship/anti-anti/map/no-maps
$ overall like freak shit/are a freak (you know what i mean)
$ are ancap/capitalist/right-wing LMAO

im online bitch!!!!



$ if i reblogged something insensitive or triggering that you need me to tag/delete let me know!!
$ also let me know if i reblog from a fucked up person to delete/block!!
$ i tag triggers as [thing] tw
$ i am extremely liberal when it comes to blocking <3
$ mutuals puh-lease send me things about ts2, rpg maker games, indie (horror) game recs, or funny looking robots :-) if you do ill give you a little kiss on the forehead <3

I am critical of the media i enjoy :-)


hannibal. naruto. hxh. cowboy bebop. mp100. n6. hq!!. death note. kipo. adventure time.

gamer zone

rpg maker (horror) games. fnv. portal/tf2/half life. undertale. stardew valley. ts2/ts4. cyoa games. otomes/vns. choices. also those horrible phone appstore vns (they suck). bimboland. everskies -_-


robots. coding. 90s/00s technology. horror/drama/romance/sci-fi. interior/graphic design. creepypastas/scp. old web stuff. "reading". im a furry btw (not in a freak way, i just think theyre neat). taz/monster factory (i dont particularly like the mcelroys fyi). buzzfeed unsolved/ watcher . i like way too much music (i have literally no standards, its just sounds lmao)

kisses you so sweetly ✿